Discharge of Diesel Fuel to Little Sugar Creek

image of storm drain with water rushing out

A single vehicle accident resulted in a discharge of diesel fuel to Little Sugar Creek.

The accident happened Tuesday morning on I-277, near N. Davidson Street, (between mile marker 3A and 3B on I-277 outer) where a saddle tank ruptured resulting in the release of an estimated 20 gallons of diesel fuel which entered Little Sugar Creek. Response efforts are underway, including the placement of floating booms across the creek. These booms serve to help contain and collect the fuel for removal. A strong odor along the greenway is still present.

This is an active environmental cleanup that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services will continue to oversee for several more days until the product is removed and conditions restored. Impacts to aquatic life are always a concern with discharges to our creeks. To date, no negative impacts to aquatic life have been observed. There are no threats to human health from the discharge, but people should avoid direct contact with the contaminated water.