Rabies Alert and Guidance for the Summer

Rabies is a deadly viral disease of the nervous system
Process if a domestic dog/cat/ferret bites someone
  • 1.     CMPD-ACC will contact the bite victim to collect information about the incident.
  • 2.     CMPD-ACC will contact the biting animal owner to get: vaccination status, incident information.
  • 3.     It is up to the discretion of the officer to allow a Home Quarantine. Depending on the level of the bite and rabies vaccine status, most bite incidents result in the animal being allowed to stay at home under a strict 10-day quarantine.
  • 4.     Report is completed and sent to Health Dept.
  • 5.     Health Department Epi contacts victim for assessment either phone or letter.
  • 6.     After a successful 10day quarantine and animal is healthy, biting animal is ………….
Common places/scenarios people get bit by unknown animals
  • Greenways/walking.
  • Parks.
  • Dog parks (e.g., breaking up dog fights).
  • Beaches/lakes.
  • Walking in the neighborhood.
What to do if you get bit by an animal
  • Try to get the owner’s information. Exchange contact information.
  • Try to convey to the owner that CMPD-ACC will not take their animal away from them or be euthanized. Educate them on the process.
  • Call 311 (during the week) or 911 (after business hours or weekend) to put a service call in for Animal Care and Control.
What to do if YOUR dog/cat/ferret bites someone
  • Give your contact information to the bite victim. Give address and phone number.
  • Be kind and avoid confrontation.
  • If bite victim calls 311/911, wait until an officer arrives. Even though you might not have your rabies certificates the officer will provide you a time and process to submit the certificate or contact your veterinarian if you do not have it.
  • Please know that someone who gets bitten and the owner runs off will be recommended PEP, which can range from $4,000-20,000. Please be compliant and patient during this process.
  • Depending on the level of bite and status of rabies vaccine, most likely you will be provided to home quarantine. Children are commonly a bite victim.
What to do around Pets
  • Teach your child how to approach an unknown dog.
  • Hugs to a dog/cat are not the same to humans. Teach no hugging.
  • If your dog has food aggression/cage aggression/shaky temperament or unfamiliar dog is around your child, do NOT leave your child unattended around the animal.
  • Children are more eye level with animal, bites are often more severe as a result.
Prevention Tips
  • Avoid dog parks. Animals are still animals. Sometimes a small reaction can create aggression and pack mentality among dogs.
  • Do not use retractable leashes.
  • If passing on the greenway/sidewalk, leave a very wide space to allow them to pass or go into the grass to allow the other to pass.
  • DO NOT TOUCH unknown animals/feral cats/wild animals.