Residential Pools for Short Term Rentals Forbidden in Mecklenburg County

A large free form gray grey accent swimming pool with turquoise blue swim water in a fenced in backyard in a suburb neighborhood.

Public Health leaders are warning the community that short-term rentals of residential swimming pools are not allowed in Mecklenburg County. This applies to residents who rent out their private pools to third parties on a short-term basis. Some residents have used an app to rent their pools by the hour.

“It’s about the safety of our residents, especially children,” said Chrystal Swinger, Mecklenburg County Public Health Environmental Health Division director. “Residential pools cannot be rented or offered for general public use. Only a properly permitted public pool can be rented to or used by the general public, and we inspect those pools every year.”

In North Carolina, if a residential swimming pool is rented by the owner to generate income, it is no longer a private swimming pool. Instead, it is a public swimming pool and requires an operation permit. North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Pools, Tattoos and State Institutions Program has advised local leaders that such rentals violate NC General Statute 130A-281.

Public Health leaders say they are working with the state to shut down illegal use of residential swimming pools which may include the initiation of legal action against the owner.

Here’s more information about pools in Mecklenburg County, including public pool inspections, permit renewal information and residential pools.