Supplemental Income Pilot Program for Residents in Reentry After Incarceration

Criminal Justice Services will launch an innovative pilot program to support residents reentering the community after incarceration. The Supplemental Income Pilot Program will kick off on July 1.

Sixty formerly incarcerated residents will be chosen to receive a monthly stipend of $600 for one year. The money can be used in five categories: childcare, health, drug abuse treatment, education, and general welfare which includes housing and utilities.  

“We are excited to implement this pilot program and see how the initiative helps those residents,” said Sonya L. Harper, Criminal Justice Services director. “When you work with the reentry population, we know there are barriers to success. These are people looking for a new start and Mecklenburg County is here to help.”

The pilot program will also have a control group of 60 formerly incarcerated residents who will not receive funds but will be tracked through quarterly meetings and check-ins. The two groups will provide data for investment effectiveness and future funding considerations.

The Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners set aside $500,000 for the Supplemental Income Pilot Program. The program began with a directive from Board in its efforts to address inequity in the community and is the first of three initiatives to roll out from the Mecklenburg County Office of Equity and Inclusion.